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Welcome to the El Rancho Loma Serena

Homeowners Association Website

This website has three purposes.  First, to provide a place where the members of the Homeowners Association can stay informed on activities and proceedings of the Association.  Second, to provide potential property owners with information about the Association. Third, to provide Realtors and Title Companies with needed information.

El Rancho Loma Serena HOA was established in 1969.  We are a non-profit organization.  There are 148 privately owned lots in the development that range in size from two to seven acres.   The Association has common areas including the Ranch House and creek frontage.

Ranch House

The Ranch House facilities are available to all members of the Association. For details on how to reserve the facilities click here.

Board Meeting Types

Open Meetings. Members can attend to observe the board conduct business.

regular (a scheduled  meeting on the same day each month; requires 4-days’ notice) meetings are held quarterly on the second Saturday of the month at 9 am at the Ranch House.  Additionally, an Annual Meeting with Election of Directors occurs on the second Saturday in September at 1 pm at the Ranch House.

special (for matters that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled meeting; requires 4-days’ notice)

emergency (to address emergencies, no notice required)

Closed Meetings. Members cannot attend due to the confidential nature of topics discussed.

executive session (can be held before or after an open board meeting  or as a stand-alone meeting; requires 2-day’s notice unless an emergency)

Committee Meetings

Standing Committees (long-term committees)

Ad Hoc (special purpose advisory)

Executive Committee (directors only)

Membership Meetings

Annual Meetings. Required by the governing documents for the election of directors.

Special Meetings. Held for a specific purpose to vote on a matter presented to the membership.



exclusive use grants

recall elections 

Town Hall meetings. Informational meetings where no voting occurs.