2019/20 ERLS Board of Directors


Adam Berchem

Vice President

Steve Balfour


Brian Kelly

Secretary (Interim)

Scott Schinnerer

Director of Common Properties

Scott Schinnerer

Recording Secretary

Nancy Berchem

Caretaker – Ranch House Reservations

Steve Pease

(209) 754-4654

Note: To Contact the Board, please use contact information below.

ERLS Mailing Address
PO Box 428
Mountain Ranch, CA  95246
Ranch House Address
8321 Old Emigrant Trail West
Mountain Ranch, CA  95246


Contact the Board

For questions and information regarding dues, statements, or property transfers, please contact the Board via the contact information below. Emails and phone messages will usually be answered within 72 hours.

Please note that we are all volunteers and do not have an office or office staff. Please plan accordingly.


Phone: (209) 441-6916